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First 500

Mzuzu Golden Coffee


now closed

We are offering 500 Social Innovators a ‘special package’ to join us on this exciting journey to support Mzuzu Coffee farmers in Malawi, through trade not aid.

Being a part of the FIRST 500 will mean so much to the coffee farmers in Malawi as they will be in control of the whole production chain – maximising their profit. This means all Mzuzu coffee farmers, both men and women, will see a brighter future.

thank you

Sadly we did not reach our Crowd Fund target so this is now closed. You can view the original appeal video Here

Thank you to the 120 who joined. We are now on a new journey and are working with to promote coffee that is roasted in country.


For any enquiries please email


Message from Bernard Kaunda

A message from Bernard Kaunda, CEO of Mzuzu Coffee Planters Co-operative Union to the Scottish Supporters of the ‘finished coffee product’ and the non-compliance issue.


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