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Not Bad For A Coffee Break!

We are on a mission to help Mzuzu coffee regain their Fairtrade certification!

About Mzuzu

Malawi’s Mzuzu co-operative, and its farmer members, now in excess of 3000, have been producing coffee with dignity and care since the 1930s; a heritage of which they are rightly proud. Mzuzu was the only coffee producer that had both Fairtrade certification and Fair Trade verification on its coffee, and recently, unjustly, de-certified.  Help us to rectify it!


Why Crowdfunding

Mzuzu and Fair Trade Scotland have been fighting the Fairtrade decertification for over 3 years. The quickest way to force recertification so Mzuzu farmers can re-establish sustainable prices for their hard work is to raise funds to pay off the wage arrears now! … READ MORE
Fairtrade International maintains that the only stumbling block to the completion of Mzuzu’s recertification (lost in 2019 for unjust reasons – read the “Background” paragraphs on the Crowdfunding page) is the outstanding wage arrears, to be paid to the Cooperative staff, not the farmers, which were accrued during and after the coffee crisis in 2017. The 157 staff members agreed to waive their wages until the market picked up by voluntarily signing an agreement to this effect. We count on you to recertify!  See some of the campaign’s rewards below:

Help us to redesign the Fair Trade system to reform the policies (including unfair de-certifications); allow and incentivise producers to make a fairer share of the revenues by roasting and grinding coffee beans in their countries; make this situation public and infamous to help Mzuzu be recertified.

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We have been on campaign since World Fair Trade day, on 14th May 2022, and we have reached over 600 signatures. Support us and engage with our quest for social justice and fight for dignity!