First 500

Mzuzu Golden Coffee


We are offering 500 Social Innovators a ‘special package’ to join us on this exciting journey to support Mzuzu Coffee farmers in Malawi, through trade not aid.

Being a part of the FIRST 500 will mean so much to the coffee farmers in Malawi as they will be in control of the whole production chain – maximising their profit. This means all Mzuzu coffee farmers, both men and women, will see a brighter future.

For £25 you will receive:

  • 250g packet of Mzuzu Roast and Ground Coffee
  • A4 signed print of a coffee farm in Malawi, taken by renowned photographer Frank Johnston who coined the phrase Malawi – The Warm Heart of Africa.
  • A gift of money to the farmers themselves to celebrate this new Fair Trade partnership of added value coffee into the UK. The first Guaranteed and Certified Fair Trade coffee in the world.
  • As a FIRST 500, you will receive a 10% discount on future purchases.

How to Donate

Make your donation to : FAIR TRADE SCOTLAND LIMITED, ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, SC: 83-20-22 AC: 16181753

Please send us an email once you have donated so that we have your contact details
To join us in the FIRST 500, please donate now and be the first to receive the Mzuzu Golden Coffee.

For any enquiries please email

Coming Soon - Online Shop

Fair Trade Tartan Accessories

A range of the World Fair Trade Tartan accessories, woven by WFTO Guaranteed Member Villageworks, Cambodia

VillageWorks Products

We are currently selling our first weave products and will shortly be ordering more, which will appear for sale later in the year. Thank you for your patience as we strive to build capacity for the artisan workers.