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Mzuzu Golden Coffee Campaign

Fair Trade Scotland are excited to be promoting Mzuzu Golden Coffee in time for COP26, launching this unique offer, which will end on the 31st of July 2021.

To spread the word and share this special coffee with friends and family, Fair Trade Scotland are offering four bags of ‘Roasted at Source’ Fair Trade Coffee for £20 + £4 Postage and Packaging. 

4 Packs for £20 (plus £4.00 p&p)

Mzuzu Golden Coffee Breakdown *Breakdown not applicable to this offer.

Mzuzu Golden Coffee


Payment directly to Mzuzu for a 250g bag of roast and ground coffee – includes the cost of packaging.
Costs are high giving a big increase in final selling price.
Fair Trade Scotland Ltd
To pay for overheads and marketing of the initial 500 William Stewart Foundation bags.

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