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What does it mean to be a Fair Trade Innovator?

What is a Responsible Consumer?

Fashion Revolution’s Campaign and the WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade Product Label is helping consumers make informed choices about how their purchase can impact greatly on the lives of producers and help the planet!

So what is Innovative about the partnership between Villageworks and Fair Trade Scotland?

The guarantee for the consumer that the 10 WFTO Principles are adhered to in the whole supply chain from Villageworks (producer) to Fair Trade Scotland (importer).

We are both 3rd party audited and work together to calculate the final selling price of products. Most importers pay the producer the asking price and sell for the maximum achievable amount – business as usual.

Never underestimate the power that the £/$ in your pocket can have – be informed, be responsible and let’s work together to prove that there is a different way to purchase products that benefit the majority – not the few.

The Problem as we see it:

Warehouses full of stock from producers that sit on shelves and go out of fashion – due to lack of retail sales.

Building Capacity at the producers pace is not always taken into consideration.

Online shopping may be easy but it’s difficult to know for sure exactly where the goods are sourced.

So what are the next steps?

  • As a consumer – We need people to sign up and pledge to purchase a WFTO Fair Trade Tartan Backpack.

  • As an Innovator – Measuring the social impact that buying a Backpack will have on the weavers, is our top priority – your purchase will help us to do this.

Interested to know more?

Please email and help take responsible consumerism to the next level  - together we really can make a difference!